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Ben Coleman - TN Firearms Appraiser

Ben Coleman

Certified Firearms Appraiser

Ben Coleman has been a lifelong firearms collector, enthusiast and an avid upland game hunter. During the early 90’s he became involved with sporting clays’ and for three years shot on a competitive level. Ben’s passion of the shooting world has allowed him to travel and hunt worldwide. He had always wished to pursue a career in the firearms industry, as with most of us, life did not allow that. His career path lead him into healthcare and it was not till June of 2014 that his lifelong dream would be fulfilled. In 2014 he completed a certified firearms appraisal course and knew that his dream of being involved in the firearms industry was about to change.

Today Ben Coleman has personally conducted and overseen the valuation, preparation for market, acquisition and disposition of either a single personal firearm through large personal collections. He has enjoyed being a solution to those questions each of us have regarding the true value of a firearm. His evaluations have included rare collectables through contemporary custom made firearms.

Electronic Appraisal
  • The Electronic Appraisal is a very easy and a quick evaluation process that provides the client with a fair market value of the firearm. This appraisal is designed for the owner or purchaser looking to confirm a value. This process is not recommended for IRS tax purposes, nor Insurance valuation. The process begins with an easy-on-line assessment form. Upon receipt of the completed on-line form and of the digital photos, work on the appraisal begins. Most appraisals in this category are completed within a 72 hour window. Upon completion of the appraisal, a invoice link will be emailed along with PayPal instructions. Upon receipt of payment the appraisal will be forwarded in a PDF format, that is printable.

$35.00 Per Firearm

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Comprehensive Appraisal
  • The Comprehensive Appraisal process provides the most complete and comprenshive appraisal. The report provided is four pages, filled with exemplary detailing of each of firearm appraised. The report is outlined in an easy to read outline. This appraisal will satisfy insurance carriers for valuation purposes. Satisfies the Internal Revenue standards for charitable giving evaluations. And will provide details for inheritance and estate evaluation purposes. Coleman Firearm Appraisers requires an appointment for this appraisal, allowing us to view the firearm personally. Arrangements can be made for me to review the firearm at your location or an appointment may be set to view the firearm at our Nashville office. Travel charges may apply for any appraisal that requires travel of more than 50 miles.

$95.00 Per Firearm

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